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Returns Description

Returns Description

If you want to return the goods during the appreciation period, please be sure to inform / customer service.

To return the goods, to retain the integrity of the goods and all the annex, such as: carton, Paul Lilong, warranty card, brochures, invoices and all the original shipment of the accessories, etc .; the company received the goods and check completed After the return of the matter, about seven working days.

During the appreciation period, the goods returned, if found to be damaged, will not accept the return and repair the goods.

New replacement:
All products are defective and faulty, this site provides seven days of new replacement services. Due to the original provisions of the need to replace the new products, to retain the integrity of the goods and all attachments, such as: box, warranty card, brochures, invoices and all accessories when shipped.

The test is indeed a new product failure, and the attached accessories are complete, the party to replace the new product, about seven working days (excluding holidays). If you do not comply with the provisions of the replacement of new products (such as accessories are not complete), then deal with the maintenance.

Returns Note:
Return goods in addition to packaging accessories complete, the invoice must also be returned with the goods, if the invoice has been lost can not handle the return.