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Term of Service
Terms Of Service Lime Internet Member

Dear Customer, Thank you for using the Lime Web Service (hereafter referred to as the Service), the Company will provide Internet services under the following online membership terms of service (hereafter referred to as the terms). In order to protect your interests, please read this clause carefully. When you start using the Service, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept all of the terms of this and the Privacy Policy and deemed to have confirmed and agreed to the Personal Data Protection Notice and Consent. If you do not agree with all or part of this clause, please do not open an account, and please stop using the service immediately. The specific terms of this clause are as follows:

1st, The service terms of members
1. Before you use this service, you must provide the correct personal information and register as a Lime network member without paying any fees. After completing the opening account, you must log in to our website, use the service and participate in the service Activities. If you have any changes in your personal information, please be sure to update it to protect your interests.
If the member fails to update his or her personal information, he or she will not be able to receive any information about the rights and interests of the Company, such as the employee's interest, the offer, the content of the event, or the change, termination of the member's interest, the preferential offer, and the content of the event. In such a case, the Member has received such information or notice.
2. If there is any duplication, error or hypocrisy, it is intended to impersonate another person's name, infringement of the name of the person, the name of the company, the trademark right or other intellectual property rights, or the violation of public order, government decrees, The Company shall refuse to open an account and reserve the right to suspend or terminate the member's account immediately, cancel the membership and refuse to provide the service. The member shall not make any claim to the Company and bear all the legal liabilities on its own.

2nd, Privacy protection
Respect and protect your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Statement on this website (please refer to the Privacy Statement).
3rd, The obligations and responsibilities of the network members
1. The Child and Juvenile Welfare and Rights Protection Act provides that parents or guardians shall be responsible for the protection and parenting of children and juveniles. If you are under the age of twenty, or if you are not provided with a full capacity in accordance with the law, you should read this clause by your parents (parent, guardian, below), read in your parents, Agree to these terms before you can use the service. When you use the Service, it is deemed that your parent has read, understood and agreed to accept all of the terms of this clause.
2. Members should ensure that their membership and password confidential and security. Members shall bear all legal liabilities for their own use of their own account and password, and agree to abide by the following:
(1) If the member's account or password is impersonated or misappropriated, or if any other security problem occurs, please inform the customer service center (customer service line: 03-3812-800) immediately.
(2) Members may not disclose their account, password and other relevant information, disclose, disclose or provide to a third person to know, or use. (Including but not limited to inquiries, retrieval, viewing, alteration of personal data, participation in activities, and acquisition of relevant expenses) in connection with the use of the member's account and password into the Company's website or the use of the Service Information, purchase of goods or services ... and so on, are regarded as members of their behavior. Any person who includes a member and may not use the account or password of another person to use the service. In the event of a violation of the right to commit a crime or infringe upon the rights of others.
(3) Membership, password and membership rights, only for personal use and enjoyment of members, not transfer, lend or in any way to provide others to use, nor share.
3. Members shall not use the Service for any unlawful purpose or in any unlawful manner and shall abide by the relevant laws of the Republic of China and the international norms of the Internet. If the Member is using the Service outside the territory of the Republic of China and is subject to local national or territorial laws. Members may not use the Service to engage in, but are not limited to, the following actions against the rights and interests of others:
(1) to distribute or transmit any defamation, insult, threatening, offensive, indecent, indecent, false, contrary to public order or good customs or other unlawful words, pictures or any form of archives.
(2) breach of confidentiality obligations under the law or contract.
(3) infringe upon the reputation of others, privacy, business secret, trademark, copyright, patent, other intellectual property rights and other rights.
(4) to transmit or distribute computer viruses.
(5) spam advertising.
(6) use the service in the name of others.
(7) other acts of the Company that are justified to be inappropriate.
4.The member account, password of Lime, is the exclusive use of Lime Life Network.
5. If the member is engaged in the act of infringing upon the rights of others, or criminal activities, or any illegal acts, the member shall bear all the legal liability, the Company will immediately revoke the membership, permanently prohibit the use of the service, and requested the company so Subject to all damages, including but not limited to loss of goodwill, referee fees, attorneys fees and so on.

4th, Changes in service content
The Member agrees that the Company may at any time adjust, alter, modify or terminate the Service and these Terms and shall, on the 60th day prior to the modification and modification, enter into force on the Company's website without further notice. Members of the Company due to participate in the activities of the Company and the use of the Company's services, and the rights and obligations arising from the Company, are the latest revision of the terms of this paragraph shall prevail. If the member does not agree to modify or change, it shall notify the Company in writing before the date of validity of the modification or change, and the relevant matters shall be deemed to be modified or changed if it is not notified by the parties.

5th, The network transaction notes
1. Upon completion of the online ordering process, the Company will automatically send you a notice via e-mail, which informs only that the Company has received the order message but does not indicate that the transaction has been completed. The company reserves the right to accept the order. Members can check the shipping status on this website.
When a member uses the exchange of goods to complete the redemption process, it means that an offer has been made for the exchange transaction and agrees to the terms or conditions set forth in the Terms and the terms and conditions set forth on the website. (Such as address, telephone, etc.), after the transaction changes, should immediately on the line or letter to inform the amendment, not to have changed the information as a reason to deny the exchange of transactions.
2. Members of the use of the service of the network transactions, in case of any doubt, the company's computer system should be based on the electronic trading record shall prevail. If you find that the transaction information is not correct, you should immediately notify the company's customer service center to help deal with (customer service line: 03-3812-800).

6th, The return of goods
1. After receiving the goods, if found to purchase the goods are flawed, you can return the goods.
2. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the goods that are traded on the Internet and the buyer will be able to return the goods within seven days of receiving the goods.
(1) goods that are susceptible to deterioration or damage in nature, and commodities that are not or are not suitable for the return, including, but not limited to, flowers, food, personal hygiene, and the like.
(2) goods that are ordered, adjusted or delivered in accordance with the specifications, requirements or time required or specified.
(3) in accordance with the usual conditions of delivery, the goods have been saved over the shelf life, or has been deteriorated or damaged goods.
3. The goods returned, must be kept in the form of goods, gifts, attachments, packaging, and all accompanying documents and information integrity, such as has been opened and obtained entity invoices (paper), and should be returned together with the invoice; The company may refuse to return and refund.
7th, Internet service interruption or stop
If the Company's computer or information system is abnormal, the Company reserves the right to suspend the service until the abnormal condition is excluded.
8th, The newsletter sent
Members agree that the Company may from time to time send e-newsletters or merchandise messages (EDM) to members registered e-mail account. However, when a member receives a message and refuses to accept the marketing, the Company will cease sending the marketing message.

9th. Protection of intellectual property rights
1. The software or program used by the Company, all the contents of the website, including but not limited to works, pictures, archives, information, information, website structure, website screen arrangement, web design ... and other intellectual property rights, belong to the company, Or have obtained the consent and authorization of the right holder. Any person who includes a member himself, without the prior written consent and authorization of the Company or the right holder, shall not use it in any way. In the event of a breach, the Company will immediately revoke the membership, permanently prohibit the use of the Service and request all damage suffered, including but not limited to loss of goodwill, referee fees, attorneys' fees.
2. Members or any person who has any infringement of the company's intellectual property rights, you are welcome to report, and immediately notify the company's customer service center (customer service line: 03-3812-800).
10th, Applicable law and jurisdiction of the court
The interpretation and application of these Terms and all acts and acts of Internet transactions arising from the use of the Service are governed by the laws of the Republic of China. In case of dispute arising from the dispute, the Taipei District Court shall be the first instance of the jurisdiction of the court.
11th. The obligation to terminate the membership with the Company:
1. The Company has the right to change the contents of the service or terminate any member account service.
2. If the member decides to terminate the membership of the Company, he may notify the Company directly by e-mail or cancel the mechanism provided by the Company. The Company will cancel your member information as soon as possible.
3. Members have the obligation to cancel the membership of the Company and have lost all of the benefits and benefits offered by the Service from the date of the Company's membership (subject to the date of issuance of the Company's e-mail).
4. In order to avoid the loss of membership due to the occurrence of malicious events, when the member informs the company to stop membership, the company will once again confirmed by e-mail, and then write-off membership.