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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The company attaches great importance to the privacy of members, so the development of privacy protection policy. To help you understand how we collect, apply and protect the personal information you provide, please read our Privacy Policy in detail. You can use the following instructions to understand our practices and uses:

Copyright and copyright notice
The software or programs used by the Company, including, but not limited to, trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and know-how. No person shall use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, alter, distribute, publish, publicly publish, reproduce, decompile or reverse. If you wish to quote or reprint the contents of the software, program or website, you must obtain prior written consent of the Company or other rights holders. Respect for intellectual property rights is the obligation of all people, if any violation, in addition to your legal responsibility, the company may revoke your membership and permanently prohibit you from using the service.
This site will be registered after you registered members and agreed to send commercial information or e-mail to you. In addition to the information or e-mail marked by the company to send, but also in the information or e-mail to provide you can at any time to stop receiving such information or e-mail method, description or function contact.

Personal privacy protection
Protecting the privacy of consumers is an important idea of ​​the Company, and we will never provide your personal information to any third party unrelated to this website without the consent of the consumer. Keep your network password and profile secure. After you have used the services provided by this website, please remember to log out of the account. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, remember to close the browser window. To protect your privacy and security, your membership code on this site will be protected, the company can not watch or check for your internal staff.

Personal privacy collection
The personal data obtained by the Company's related websites are for the purpose of the Company and the purpose and scope of the original description. Unless otherwise stated, or in accordance with applicable law, this site will not provide information to third parties, or for other purposes. You agree that the Company will collect, process, save, transmit and use such information for the purpose of providing the user with other information or services, or making membership statistics, Conduct a survey or study of cybercrime, or use it for other legitimate purposes.

Use of personal data
When you enter our website, we will keep your membership information and order information. Based on the good business ethics and the norms of consumer protection law of the Republic of China, we will not sell or provide your membership information. To an unrelated third party! Based on the maintenance of social and public safety, if the authorized bank, issuing bank, judicial prosecution unit of the legitimate requirements, the company will assist with, if necessary, will provide consumer personal information to the relevant units.

Personal data is modified or deleted
Once you have registered and become a member, you can use your account and password to change any of the personal data you have entered at any time. But in the past xxx has been completed commodity trading, service content records, consignee and payment information, etc., is not within the scope of this change. In the following conditions, the site has to modify or delete your
1. Order content needs to be modified or adjusted.
2. Data format error caused when the system can not read.
3. To protect the reputation or interest of the company.