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Lime water dispenser FAQ

Please wash the natural stone with tap water. (Poor water quality easily affect the natural stone, resulting in the crystallization of stone or yin and yang surface)
The use of water-based agent containing the crystal water containing less than 40% RH, when the stone is high within the crystal water, please test the appropriate area and long-term observation, if no change and then use.
To avoid local and sun construction, easy to produce white crystals.
Water repellent should be evenly painted surface, excessive will make the surface of white crystals.
If the allowance is not dry, immediately use a sponge, clean cloth or use air compressor to spray.
After the implementation of the stone should be dry and dry; not dry, not the stone stacked. (Natural dry time 3 days)
After drying, it can’t be painted for the second time.
When the water isn’t used, the seal must be tight, to avoid the crystallization phenomenon.
Be sure to clean the coating tool (eg brush, bucket) after daily operation.

After taking the remaining drugs can’t be poured into the barrel.