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Lime Water Purifier FAQ

It isn't recommended that consumers drink raw water after the well water, because there is no government-related units in the control, water pollution can not control the current well water (groundwater) has academic units after the study found that pollution than tap water Serious, of which heavy metal (chemical) pollution is more obvious, but not necessarily the whole well water (groundwater) are so, for example: high mountains or near home without factories, landfill areas, are generally more stable, but not recommended Direct drink.

1. Front filter
When the transparent shell visible inside the soil has been changed yellow or 6 months can be replaced once.

2. The first 5 micron PP filter & NSF composite material from Japan
Remove suspended solids, chlorine, sediment, rust.

Filter into the Japanese imports of calcium sulphite material, to strengthen the effect of chlorine and Japan imported functional ceramic ball material, can activate water molecules, to achieve the effect of glycol.
Suggested replacement time: 8 months to 1 year. (Depending on water quality)

3. The second British non-sodium ion exchange resin & Japanese composite materials
Remove scale, lead, copper, cadmium.

(Calcium, magnesium) and heavy metals (such as lead, copper, cadmium), to retain beneficial minerals in the water, will not release sodium salt damage to the kidneys, for the safest Soft water medium.

4. Third Mitsubishi Rayon NSF hollow mesemole from Japan & NSF composite materials Japan high-precision lead, silver activated carbon removal of lead, bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, antibacterial.

Japan imported high-precision lead-free silver activated carbon filter is composed of coconut shell activated carbon and synthetic fiber in a special wet process molding, activated carbon particles surface is not due to adhesion agent to reduce the adsorption capacity.
Activated carbon particles surface area: 1900 ㎡ / g, iodine value: 1600mg / g, with a high degree of residual chlorine and organic compounds to remove the capacity, while removing the ability to dissolve lead in water.
Filter the heart is the hollow fiber membrane, with polyethylene hollow film wall to remove tap water more than 0.1 micron particles, turbidity, bacteria, rust and so on.
Suggested replacement time: 8 months to 1 year. (Depending on water quality)

Lime micro-molecular water heater (filter), from the body shell to the internal material are mining high-tech manufacturing, filter from raw materials to finished products, the entire quality control management, and professional and technical processing filter, finished products, in the case of not damp, Can be maintained for a long time to maintain its filter effect, because the filter after treatment, to keep dry and not oxidation, water contact will begin to have the effect of filtering, consumers do not have to worry about Lime micro-molecular water heater (filter) storage, there will be Expired problems (the same commercially available water filters are the same).

Body (shell): ABS are environmentally friendly materials, natural pollution.

Internal material: Japan CALCIUM SULFITE, the United States KDF platinum ion conversion material (through the United States, Japan and other multi-national certification and patent quality assurance).

The same difference in the content of the filter is the capacity of the amount of water treated. For example: bath water consumption, so the filter is also big with the use of showerhead so there must be a different shape.

1.Lime raw drink machine filter can be filtered to 0.5 -0.7 micron impurities, in order to drink raw.

2. Because it is necessary to keep the water flow is mainly chlorine and impurities, filter small impurities and sterilization effect is not the same with the raw drink machine, it is recommended to boil after drinking.

After the treatment of tap water, usually add chlorine to disinfect, a large number of residual chlorine can eliminate bacteria in the water, but the body skin long-term exposure, in addition to reduce the body immunity, long-term absorption will increase the chance of cancer, consumers after washing hair, Hair is more dry:
1. Chlorine will destroy the skin, hair surface lipid barrier and protein, so the use of Lime micro-molecular water heater (bath), filtered water, washing hair will be more supple.
2. Consumers long-term use of unfiltered tap water bath, change the use of Lime micro-molecular water filter after the water bath, chlorine after the water to consumers to experience a higher oxygen content, smaller molecules, can be deep clean, but not Will damage the skin, hair surface lipid barrier and protein good water.
3. The use of Lime micro-molecular water heater, hair will be more supple, good comb (the average consumer, have the habit of using hair gel, or sweating, air pollution and other factors, the general water washing force is not enough, Lime micro-active water Deep cleansing power is better.
4. If the filter loss of efficacy, wash the sense of supple will be reduced.

Suggested approach:
1. Use the residual chlorine test solution to test whether the filter is ineffective.

Isn’t the product shell problem, because when the filter plug, in the normal use of a period of time (4-5 people about 10 months or15000-23000 gallons) filter that is lost filter effect, this time the filter hardened water can not pass through the filter ( Pressure is too large) shell will burst open, such as home backup filter, please immediately replace the filter.
Installed in the tap water source, from the installation to the use of faucet between the water pipeline without the presence of chlorine, easy to breed bacteria. Chlorine is carcinogenic, but it has a good bactericidal effect, so the chlorine removal function should be installed at the end of the water is the right way.
We provide the current general faucet are applicable to the international 4 tooth specifications, if the size of different, please call, we can provide for your adapter.
The duration of use is determined by the amount of water to be treated and is not calculated in terms of time. In fact: if the same volume, the goods should be the longest use of the market, an effective handling capacity of up to 15,000 gallons (wash Yan special, washing special) and 23,000 gallons (bathing). You can use the chlorine test, or smell the smell of bleach, that is the change of the filter.
In general, a person's bath water consumption of about 20 to 30 gallons, so if a 4 people a day shower should be able to use 8 to 12 months, the first 6 months of chlorine can reach more than 94% (by about 99% Slowly began to decline), after 6 months gradually reduced.
Because the filter has powdery content, the first use of the first flow of about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or a very small air to produce the naked eye will be thought to be white powder, doesn’t affect the product function is normal use.
Of course, but a bath more water required, should be about three or forty gallons, if the daily bath, filter the use of time will be shortened, but the small molecule of living water to restore fatigue is better.
Can be found in the chemical materials line to buy chlorine, drip into the tap water, if still transparent and colorless, said the chlorine function is still, no need to replace; but if the light color, that is, chlorine function decline, the color is very deep immediately Replace the filter. Before the installation of tap water has not been measured when the color reaction, that may have been the formation of carcinogenic chloride, it is recommended that the product should be installed.
Lime micro-molecular water heater, easy installation, easy to replace the filter. Just turn on the body, you can swap.
Don’t recommend direct drinking, because the taste isn’t as raw drink machine, Lime Boil water is the best choice for direct drinking.
Will cut a guava cut into two, half placed in ordinary tap water, the other half placed in Lime water Wait 30 minutes later, the two sweetness and light crisp very different. In addition, but also from small molecules of water soak fruit and vegetable is not perishable, easy to thaw and so on.
Manufacture high-oxygen micro-molecules of living water, high temperature, large amount of instantaneous chlorine, antibacterial, heavy metals, etc., while the water treatment capacity of up to 15,000 to 23,000 gallons. General water purifier can not have the above functions at the same time.
Generally use tap water can wash most of the pesticides, Lime living water due to small molecules, coupled with the natural living water resonance activities, but also most of the pesticides washed out.
Because Lime can be micro-molecular water, to create a strong penetration, high oxygen content of energy flow of water. In addition to help deep clean, full of moisture, to maintain smooth and delicate skin, but also make the hair supple and shiny, so the role of maintenance, is the most natural health care products.

Wash the special purpose of the Lime water, efficient and thorough cleaning detergent residue, but also to enhance food preservation, taste more delicious. And wash the special use of the Lime produced by the water, not only to achieve deep cleaning effect, can effectively eliminate the excess skin fat, keep the skin smooth and meticulous.

Lime micro-molecular water heater within the material all have NFS certification, but also won the multi-national patent.

1.Wash the face, special washing installation Note: Please remove the original water filter on the filter, pay attention to whether the inside of the plastic washer removed, and then installed, and ten or five yuan coins will be tightened Will be washing or washing can be installed.
2. Bath-specific installation Note: First, remove the shower head, attached to the shower in the adapter, installed and then installed on the bath can be.

If there is water leakage Basic inspection steps:
1.Check whether the gasket or apron is installed or short (from outside to inside).
2. Are there any tightening of the contacts?
3. If you have been using for some time, if the customer forget to filter inversion cleaning, resulting in filter block may also leak from the side.
4. Connector connection If the faucet thread corrosion can be used to stop the water ring with 3-5 times and then connect the joints can be.

1. Use Lime to filter the harmful substances in the water, but also to retain the water beneficial to the human body of trace minerals (including calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium ... 23 kinds of water-soluble minerals) Water-soluble minerals by boiling, Will be white precipitated in the container for the calcium carbonate, or floating in the water surface of magnesium carbonate, these white material is beneficial to the human body, please feel at ease drinking.
2. The use of Lime will improve the harmful substances in the water, and will not change the water PH value.

No, Lime material will not change any pH, mainly in addition to chlorine and converted into small molecules of water can be experimentally proven.
PH value of neutral water, so Lime is neutral, will not change the PH, can be proved experiment.

Some buildings will be installed ion exchange resin in the water tower at the source, the hard water conversion of soft water, calcium and magnesium will not produce crystallization, but the conversion process will release potassium, sodium ions, high blood pressure, kidney disease adverse effects.

Can not, but can introduce KDF and food grade calcium sulphite material - mainly in addition to heavy metals, chlorine, antibacterial function.
Chemical substance part: available iodine test.
Filtration impurity part: can take empty shell introduction mesh high density and backwash patent.

Sri Lanka coconut shell can’t be too hot water, and can’t instantly remove chlorine, there will be black water release.

There has a description of DM last page.
1. Shell ABS environmentally friendly material, natural pollution.
2. All internal materials are treated with special energy conversion and are tested by ANSI / NSF.
3. Filter material:
a. filter material: the use of Japan CALCIUM SULFITE (food grade calcium sulfite), and qualified by NSF test.
b. filter material: the United States KDF fluid treatment company, platinum ion conversion material.

1. Washing: Water treatment capacity: 56,250 liters Price: NT $ 3,500
56,250 / day Price: NT $ 3,500 = 16.07 L / NT
2. Bath: Water treatment capacity: 90,000 liters Price: NT $ 3,500
90,000 liters / price: NT $ 3,500 = 25.7 liters / NT
* A person's bath water consumption of about 20 to 30 gallons (20 * 3.75 = 75 liters)